• Sarala Selambakkannu
  • Khomsaton Abu Bakar
  • Jamaliah Shariff
  • Suhairi Alimon


This paper studies about water obtained from fish pond of fisheries research centre.  Usual water quality parameters such as pH, COD, Turbidity and Ammonia content were analyzed before and after irradiation. Electron beam irradiation was used to irradiate the water with the dose 100 kGy, 200 kGy and 300 kGy. Only high dose was applied on this water as only a limited amount of samples was supplied. All the parameters indicated a slight increase after irradiation except for the ammonia content, which showed a gradual decrease as irradiation dose increases. Sample condition was changed before irradiation in order to obtain more effective results in the following batch. The water sample from fisheries was diluted with distilled water to the ratio of 1:1.This was followed with irradiation at 100 kGy, 200 kGy and 300 kGy. The results still showed an increase in all parameters after irradiation except for ammonia content. For the following irradiation batch, the pH of the sample was adjusted to pH 4 and pH 8 before irradiation. For this sample the irradiation dose selected was only 100 kGy.  A higher value of ammonia was observed for the sample with pH 4 after irradiation. Other parameters were almost the same as the first two batches.

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SELAMBAKKANNU, Sarala et al. EFFECT OF ELECTRON BEAM IRRADIATION ON FISHERIES WATER. Jurnal Sains Nuklear Malaysia, [S.l.], v. 27, n. 1, p. 29-35, jan. 2015. ISSN 2232-0946. Available at: <https://jsnm.nuclearmalaysia.gov.my/index.php/jsnm/article/view/23>. Date accessed: 24 sep. 2021.