About the Journal

Jurnal Sains Nuklear Malaysia (JSNM; Nuclear Science Journal of Malaysia) is a refereed journal published biannually since 1983 by the Malaysian Nuclear Agency. 

JSNM is dedicated to providing a platform for publication of articles on the development and applications of the peaceful uses of nuclear technology and radiation applications.  It is a multidisciplinary, international, peer-reviewed open access journal for original scientific papers in fundamental and applied research as well as review articles related to nuclear science and technology. 

The journal aims to serve the scientific and academic community, industry professionals, research institutions, government agencies and policy-makers by:

  • Providing authoritative and up-to-date information in the field of nuclear science and technology
  • Promoting the exchange of ideas and research within the nuclear science and technology community
  • Supporting the development of nuclear technology and applications in various fields for peaceful purposes

We welcome submissions that explore the following topics:

  1. Nuclear engineering and management
  2. Medical technology and health physics
  3. Industrial applications
  4. Agrotechnology and biosciences
  5. Water, energy and environment
  6. Radiation processing technology
  7. Radiation safety, security and health
  8. Mathematics, computer science and information technology